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Sastrugi Software

Accelerating your business through technology

About us

Sastrugi Software is a technology consultancy, founded on the principle that all businesses can benefit from harnessing technology - from a strong web presence to drive new business to internal systems which build your capacity. We provide the advice, business process optimization, and bespoke software you need. Our combination of exceptional technical skills and clear communication ensures delivery of outstanding results for your business.

Sastrugi's managing director is Tom Carver, a software engineer with a first-class honours degree in Engineering from Cambridge University. He has 7 years' experience of applying technology to business problems in a wide range of industries from finance to digital agencies, from oil & gas to publishing. Having worked with businesses of all sizes, on-premises and cloud-based deployments, mobile web apps and desktop apps, technologies new and old from HTML5 to VB6 and CoffeeScript to C#, we will be able to provide the solution your business needs.

Our values

  • Building sustainable partnerships with our clients through value creation.
  • Excellence in technology for reliable, longterm solutions.
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency.

Case studies

To give a flavour of the diversity of ways we can enhance your business, here is a selection of our previous successes.

Automated web test tool

A publishing client with a large portfolio of websites found their sites frequently went offline or partially stopped working. This often went unnoticed for more than a day, which resulted in substantial lost revenue. They therefore required a system to regularly scan their sites verifying key functionality was still active. We architected, designed and delivered a custom tool based on PhantomJs that ensured any failure in the critical parts of their sites was identified in minutes.

Electronic laboratory notebooks

A client was looking for a technology partner to develop an electronic laboratory notebook for use in academia and industry. Working closely with them we transformed their vision into a well-defined system, and selected the appropriate technology to bring it to life, combining cloud, windows desktop and mobile web components into the finished product. After delivery we conducted a series of user interviews to refine the concept and extend it into new niches.

Timesheet software

A client required time-tracking software for employees who switched frequently between projects. Unable to find an existing product combining low-friction data-entry and project management, a new tool was designed with a strong focus on User Experience (UX). The result dramatically improved organisational efficiency in recording time and billing, while also enhancing progress-tracking of complex projects.

Migration of legacy software

A software company needed a solution for a 0.5 million lines-of-code application written in a near end-of-life technology. The effort of conversion to newer technologies was estimated at five man-years, which was economically infeasible. We researched a new migration pathway and developed a project plan which was conservatively estimated at six man-months duration, a 10-fold reduction which allowed the project to proceed.

How we deliver

We use the industry-leading agile methodology, with continuous delivery through automated testing. From your perspective this means we regularly stream you updates rather than concentrating on one “big bang” release at the end, allowing for frequent “course corrections”.

We take the time to understand and quantify the unique needs of your business, so we’re in a much stronger position to recommend the solution that produces the best ROI for you.